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Meet Amanda

TNMI Alcohol & Habit Freedom Coach


I live on the South Coast of the UK, and I have worked for a big name coffee brand for many years before discovering my new, alcohol free lifestyle. I have a huge German Shepherd dog with a big booming bark, with whom I love a stroll on the beach. I love PC Gaming, and all things Sci-Fi and Fantasy. 

I absolutely love my alcohol-free life, but it took me decades to get here. I tried so many times to moderate, but I, like so many of us, found it difficult to do so without finding myself making a twerp of myself at work functions or weddings over and over again. 

I used alcohol to hide from pain and grief when I lost important family members and friends. I used alcohol to hide from a stressful day at work. Rather than face pain, or grief, or sadness, I would pour a glass of wine and disappear into an online game or a sci-fi movie and forget everything.

In 2019 it all changed. This Naked Mind changed my life, and I am delighted to have been accepted and trained as a coach with the This Naked Mind Institute (TNMI), where I have undertaken the most comprehensive training available anywhere in Affective Liminal Psychology™*. ALP is emotion-based change rather than behavioural change. This means you can be free from alcohol without regrets, feeling you are being punished, or fear of missing out. Alcohol simply becomes small and totally insignificant to you, and your life catapults into exciting new directions.


My goal is to help others, like you, discover the amazing benefits of moderating, or even making alcohol so small and irrelevant you simply no longer need it. I cannot wait to meet you!

I have a few spaces available currently. Why not book a free Discovery Call with me, and find out if I can help set you free, too?

Amanda Foster - Founder, Zero Fierce

This works

  • 90% of respondents have decreased alcohol consumption, or are no longer drinking at all after coming into contact with the program. 

  • 86.5% of respondents noticed their mental health improved significantly. 

  • Over 1.1 Million This Naked Mind books sold.

  • Over 400,000 people completed the 30 Day Experiment.

*Affective Liminal Psychology™ is a Trademark of This Naked Mind and Author Annie Grace. 

Chatting Over Coffee

Free yourself from alcohol, feel in control, and save money. 

Free yourself from those nagging thoughts about alcohol, from the worry of quitting, and the stresses of the morning after. I can help you moderate or quit alcohol without regrets, without stress, and without fear. 

The method is so incredible it has been called magic by some. Using This Naked Mind methods, which helps 90 percent of all participants moderate or quit alcohol altogether. All of whom now love their new, easier, exciting lives!

I am so much happier now, and so will you be. Book a free Discovery Call now, and find out how Freedom Coaching can give you amazing results you never thought possible. (Think of it like going to the gym, but for your mind!) As a trained This Naked Mind Institute Coach, I use *Affective Liminal Programming to reset your deep held beliefs on alcohol. No punishment, no guilt, just change you are excited about, right from the start!


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The ZeroFierce Statement of Integrity with Alcohol, Drugs & Gaming

At ZeroFierce, I prioritise a lifestyle centred on wellness and personal growth. I personally have a commitment to maintaining an alcohol-free existence, preferring and embracing the joys of alcohol-free and drug-free living. I also enjoy moderation in gaming, which means I still play PC games, however it is now a couple of times a week for short periods, or not at all, instead of gaming all the time as I used to.

I believe in inclusivity and do not discriminate in my practices based on personal choices regarding alcohol consumption. I do not require abstinence from alcohol, drugs or gaming from any business partner, business supplier, friends or family.

My ethos promotes respect for individual choices and a supportive environment, both within my business and for the people I serve.

Work with me

Want to find out how we can work together to achieve all your goals? Just imagine being free from needing alcohol, or addiction! A coach can show you the shortcuts and tactics and get there faster. Book a free 45 minute Coaching Session to find out more.


New service

Brand new! I now offer a Digital Marketing & Social Media Support package for fellow TNMI coaches. Select the option below to find out more. 

Free eBook

As a special gift to subscribers, receive the latest eBook, "Seven Simple Tactics to Control Alcohol" when you sign up for weekly tips and tricks to getting alcohol under control. It will be delivered to your inbox in minutes!


If, after a period of drinking, you experience any of the following symptoms, you may be dependent on alcohol and you should NOT suddenly stop drinking completely: fits, shaking hands, sweating, seeing things that are not real, depression, anxiety, difficulty sleeping. But you can still take control of your drinking with me. Speak to a GP who will be able to get help for you to reduce your drinking safely and we can do it together. Find out more about getting some support.rt.

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