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Articles & FAQs about alcohol

When you are thinking about how much you drink there are so many questions to be answered. Here you can find lots of helpful information and fabulous facts on the benefits of moderating alcohol, or even giving it up altogether for a healthy super-boost! If there is anything you would love to see here, let me know!



Affective Liminal Psychology

What is ALP, and how can it help you get alcohol back under control? Find out here!


Dry January - The facts

How does taking a month off alcohol benefit you? And are there people who should not attempt it? Find out here.

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Why hire a coach?

What does a coach actually do? And is it worth the money? 

Will it work for you? Find out the answers to all these questions right here. 


The benefits of being alcohol free

Read all about the amazing benefits of taking a break from alcohol, some of which will surprise you!

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Alcohol Free Drinks Recipes

Who says going alcohol free is boring? When you can have this much fun with drinks there is no reason to miss it!


The Intensive Course

Online study has never been more popular, and now there is one to go alcohol free! Get this FREE when you book 10 coaching sessions.



Free Resources

Not ready to hire me yet? Check out my free resources to help you get alcohol free!


Want to work with me?

Get a free 45 minute coaching session with me and find out how we can work together to achieve your goals! 

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