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Other Services

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Online Courses

Sign up for your own Alcohol Experiment online, and choose from 30, 100 or 365 days. Receive emails, videos, tips and online support as you go, and find your own Inner Fierce!

A great start to your alcohol journey if you are not ready for one on one coaching, and you can access the material on a laptop, phone or tablet with ease.

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Workplace Talks

Online wellbeing session, with coaching sessions. 

Allow your employees to explore their relationship with alcohol. Does it still serve them? Do they have any questions or concerns? 

Learn how it is possible to regain control over drinking, and make the right choices. To change your beliefs about alcohol. And o talk to yourself with a kinder voice. 

Online Google Meet or Zoom presentation with fun activities and a choice of modules to suit your business and class size.  Great for wellbeing events.

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Group Retreats

Intensive group retreats to re-program your beliefs on alcohol.

Experience group coaching sessions and activities that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed and ready to take on the world. Plus, choose spa treatments and relaxation therapies, walking in beautiful surroundings, or simply spend your free time relaxing and enjoying a book.

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Digital Marketing

Just launched: A brand new service for coaches. If you need help with your website, social channels or with digital marketing I can help! Whether you want to learn to do it yourself, or just have someone take over all the stuff you dislike doing while you run your coaching business, there is a plan to suit you. 

Choose a monthly subscription and you can set and forget, and cancel anytime, or choose a pay as you go option for full control. The choice is yours. 

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