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What is Affective Liminal Psychology™?

The foundation of the This Naked Mind methodology is based around Affective Liminal Psychology™, otherwise known as Affective Liminal Programming, or "ALP".


It is the science behind what makes its effectiveness just like magic, according to many of those who have successfully given up alcohol. Find out more about ALP,  and how we use it to such great effect, below.

Meet the science around behaviour change

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You are not an alcoholic...

Alcohol is addictive, period. It is not your fault. Yep, you heard me. We do not call people addicted to smoking "smokaholics", and calling someone an alcoholic lands the blame squarely on them. It is not your fault, your brain is simply calling for the tool it thinks will help you. It is simply the wrong tool. 

Add decades of clever marketing, and huge social acceptance, plus all the "Wine O'Clock" memes on social media, and your beliefs are pretty firmly set on the side of alcohol. And this is where ALP comes in. 

ALP works just like magic!

Annie Grace, Founder & Author of This Naked Mind, has received thousands of letters, many of whom claim their results are just like magic! Why? Because the change felt easier than they expected

Why does it feel easier?

When emotions are prioritised, altering your behaviour feels natural and so much easier. Once you have addressed the root cause the behaviour realigns without force or effort!

Positive change only

Zero negativity, zero force. You control your entire journey. I will be your guide throughout

Habit formation & breakage

Addiction treatment

Performance enhancement

Success in various endeavours

Compassion & positivity

Certified ALP Coach

Want to work with me?

Amanda - TNMI Certified Coach

& Founder, ZeroFierce

Book a FREE discovery call and find out how you can finally find freedom, TRUE freedom, from alcohol. No missing out, no AA meetings, no shame, no blame. 

*Affective Liminal Psychology™ is part of the This Naked Mind Methodology and Author Annie Grace's Program.

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Amanda Foster, TNMI Certified Coach
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