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Why hire a coach?

Is the investment worth the money? How will a coach help you?

Find out the answer to these questions, and more.

Article by Amanda Foster

TNMI Certified Alcohol Freedom Coach


Hiring a coach is an investment. Is it really worth it?

Well, the short answer is, Yes. Investing in yourself is never a bad idea, no matter what it is. 

Yes, of course I am going to say this, you might be thinking to yourself. I am a coach! But as someone who themselves had the very same doubts as I handed over hundreds of pounds to a coach a few years ago, I can say that if you are prepared to put the work in, it is worth every single penny it costs, and way, way more. It gave my life the bump start it so desperately needed, jolted me out of indecision and apathy, and I started chopping away at the bits in my life that made me unhappy. Previously I had simply complained about it and procrastinated.

The benefits of having a Coach


A coach empowers you to make the right decisions to achieve their ultimate goals. It is like having the map to success. Instead of making all the mistakes most people do, they can help you find the right answers to drive your life in the right direction.

Build Resilience

Life is tricky sometimes, for everyone. Your coach will help you with self improvement and give you the tools you need to build resilience and confidence to deal with even the trickiest people or problems, making even your worst days easier to navigate. 

Achieve Dream Goals

Your coach will help you reach valuable but challenging goals of your choosing, enhancing not only your wellbeing, but the wellbeing of anyone who comes into contact with you. They even help you take the sometimes scary steps towards self-improvement.

Thinking of taking a break from alcohol?

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When what you are doing is not working

First of all - let's cover what a coach is not. A coach is not a medical practitioner, unless of course, they were a doctor beforehand. They are not psychiatrists, nor counsellors, nor therapists, all of which tend to deal with past trauma.


No, a coach is an individual who has mastered something you would like in your life, and shows you the way through to success. You do all the work, but the coach has an overriding view and the knowledge of how to navigate the path to success. For me, that is showing you the way to free yourself from alcohol, either by controlling it, or by giving it up altogether, and making it so small and irrelevant you literally do not think about it, care about it, or want it.

A coach will champion you in your journey, will see the path ahead clearer than you are able to, and will help you as you travel that road. They are your confidante, someone who listens to your stories, your feelings and your thoughts, and helps you navigate those. Even those thoughts and feelings you feel unable to tell anyone else. They help you find turnarounds that make you feel instantly better, stronger, and able to face life's daily problems with new-found confidence. This is what my coach did for me. 


Have you ever been caught in a loop of wanting change, but never being able to achieve it? Or perhaps you have tried over and over again to change something, such as drinking alcohol, and you keep slipping back in to it a few days, weeks or months later. And each time you slip back into drinking, you seem to drink even more? Do you occasionally use alcohol to drown out the noise of the day, get rid of stress, or hide from something worse, such as grief, bullying at work, or the loss of a friend. Do you feel anxious or depressed after drinking? Are you losing sleep?

Yeh? Well, you would not be the first. Millions of adults feel exactly the same as this, even if they do not tell you as much. 

If you find yourself stuck here, and you are looking for a way out, then this is where a coach can work his or her magic, and set you free. 

Imagine yourself five years from now, if you do not change something. Is this how you want to feel? Now imagine yourself ten years into the future if you do not change. Fifteen...

Now imagine yourself in ten years where alcohol is small and irrelevant. You can take it or leave it. You simply do not care about it. Your health is better, your life and relationships are better. Dream Big! Now imagine yourself like this in five years... One year... How about 12 weeks? Yes, it's absolutely possible for you to be free in 12 weeks, I promise! And even sooner if you wish. In fact, it's possible for you to be free as soon as you want it. 

What a sobering thought! (excuse the pun...)

How do I know it will work?

Again, the answer to this is short.

If you want it, it will happen. You are in the driving seat at all times. If you want it, it will happen.

When you hire a coach you are hiring someone who will set you challenges, if you wish, and give you brand new tools to achieve everything you have ever dreamed of. This is all life-changing stuff!

My intensive training in Affective Liminal Psychology was with the This Naked Mind Institute, which is an incredible group with a 90% efficacy - yes you read that right - NINETY percent efficacy. Alcohol rehabilitation centres have an efficacy of around four percent, and can cost tens of thousands of pounds. All the sessions take place online, in the comfort and privacy of your home or office. It is completely confidential.

You will find no judgement, no blame or shame, just the acceptance and support of someone who has been through exactly the same as you have been going through, and have come out of the other side using this exact methodology. Let me tell you, it is worth every single penny, and more! It has been utterly life changing for me, and it can be for you as well. You simply have to take the next step.

Hmmm... it's expensive to hire a coach

It's 100% worth it. And so are you.

There is a saying that you need to have "skin" in the game to make things work. And this works well, if you want it to. Ask yourself... "What if?" What if this is the answer to those nagging thoughts at night, and the little voice in your head that suggests all this alcohol is not doing you much good. Plus, you will save many, many thousands of pounds once you are free and happy and not even thinking about alcohol.

What price your happiness and health? Health is the most valuable thing we hold.

Imagine yourself in 5 years time, free from alcohol or addiction. What will he or she think of the investment you made? I know this is possible, because I have seen it happen with my own eyes so many times. And because it happened for me. If you want this, it will work.

Okay, I'm sold - What is the next step?

Book a no obligation discovery call with me and find out how we can work together to achieve all your goals and finally live the dream life you deserve.

This stuff works on everything, not just alcohol, and once our sessions are done, or even sooner in most cases, you will be armed with amazing tools that empower you and give you the confidence to change your life for the better forever. I look forward to meeting you soon.

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