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The benefits of being alcohol free

If you have ever taken a break from alcohol, you may already have noticed some of the benefits, such as better skin, hair and teeth. But keep going, my friend, because once you smash through the first month, your life begins to run like a dream!

Article by Amanda Foster

TNMI Certified Alcohol Freedom Coach


Thinking of taking a break from alcohol?

Great idea! Probably one of the best ideas you have had for yourself in ages!

There really is no need to white-knuckle your way through a break, whether it's for a week, a month or even longer. Once you have passed through the slightly uncomfortable cravings the alcohol addiction causes, you can really start to feel the amazing benefits. Read on to find out why it's worth your time.

Early days benefits

Save money

It's not just the money spent on booze you will save. Think taxis to and from events, the greasy kebabs or burgers after a night out you know you do not need, and that £20 note that fell from your pocket (you think) the last time you got drunk.

Lower blood pressure

This one surprised me. I have an Apple Watch, and almost as soon as I stopped drinking my heart rate went down, and the palpitations stopped. Yeh, really! When I took my blood pressure, I no longer had elevated BP readings. Eep. If I'd known I might have quit earlier!

Better sleep

This one is still my favourite. The first couple of days were a little iffy, but OH MY the sleep quality afterwards was absolutely insane! I loved the dreams too! And once my sleep improved, everything else improved around it. My work life, my relationships, everything. 

Thinking of taking a break from alcohol?

Do it the easy way! Download your FREE eBook - Seven Simple Tactics to Control Alcohol, packed full of advice on making that month fly by!

Why is alcohol a problem for our health?

Do you have other friends who have given up drinking, perchance? When you look at them with pity, thinking they must have a problem with booze they could not handle, or see them turn down alcoholic drinks at parties, watch them closely. Do they smile a little knowing smile?

I bet they do. Because, quite frankly, going alcohol free is astoundingly brilliant! It's seriously life-changing stuff, really! People who look at me with a little pity make me giggle, because they are the ones who follow the herd, follow the alcohol marketers every whim, believing that alcohol is amazing, somehow makes them awesome people, makes them funnier, better looking, better company at parties. Hell, some companies even suggest alcohol is good for you! But it isn't, and deep down, you know it. Just three glasses of wine increases a woman's chance of breast cancer by over 20 percent. 


Why does your body complain after a bout of drinking the previous night? It is because it is off-loading a ton of poison. Why does your brain shut down when you drink too much, effectively putting you into blackout? Because it can no longer cope with the poison, so it shuts everything else down to deal with the problem. That's why you forget nights out. And why do you hug the porcelain bowl after some nights out, ejecting hundreds of pounds worth of booze? Because it's poisonous. End of. It's the same stuff you put in your car. It's Ethanol. That is what you think makes you funnier, more fun at parties, better looking. A few drops of ethanol.


Don't get me wrong, I do not hate alcohol. I love my car, I love driving, and it's great at fueling my car. I love the fact ethanol kills germs when I use it in cleaning products, or as a hand sanitiser. I love ethanol if I need surgery - it kills germs and makes sure I heal afterwards. Awesome stuff. But ingesting it? You can keep it, thanks. The blinkers are well and truly off my eyes. No expensive marketing campaign will ever pull the wool over my eyes again. And believe me, they spend billions every year trying to convince you alcohol is awesome. 

But alcohol does not make you funnier, or better looking. Quite the opposite actually. I still hang out in bars and go to events, and let me tell you, come 10pm you are all repeating yourselves, laughing at really unfunny things, and some of you look absolutely terrible. Trust me on this. In fact, don't. Join me for a bit, and then tell me I am wrong after your first few alcohol free nights out. You will soon see why that alcohol free friend of yours smiles to himself when you pity him. He's the rebel. He's challenging social norms. He's the rockstar.


Smoking used to be the social norm, by the way. Marketers lied to people back then about smoking. And now they want your children. Because they are killing all of their adult customers faster and faster. They need fresh blood coming in at the younger end. 

Take a longer break

Take a longer break

Skip to successful: Empower your journey with a coaching plan, and achieve results FASTER and EASIER than you thought possible.

Take a longer break

Take a longer break

Skip to successful: Empower your journey with a coaching plan, and achieve results FASTER and EASIER than you thought possible.

Take a longer break

Take a longer break

Skip to successful: Empower your journey with a coaching plan, and achieve results FASTER and EASIER than you thought possible.

Take a longer break

Take a longer break

Skip to successful: Empower your journey with a coaching plan, and achieve results FASTER and EASIER than you thought possible.

Take a longer break

Take a longer break

Skip to successful: Empower your journey with a coaching plan, and achieve results FASTER and EASIER than you thought possible.

What happens to you when the blinkers fall

Oh, you lucky, lucky thing. I am almost envious of what you are about to discover. Because it was an epiphany when I discovered the truth about alcohol. I had literally no idea when I was still drinking - none!

First of all, your health improves. 

"Obviousssss!" you may cry, but if you know this, then why are you hanging on to your wine or beer?

When I say improves, I am talking about things you have, for decades, blamed on other things, such as aging, the menopause, playing football too much, work, [insert any excuse except alcohol]... Those niggly pains, the palpitations, the irritating cough, the heartburn, the slight queasiness you feel in the morning, the headaches, the aching joints, sharp shooting pains in your chest, bloodshot eyes, yellowing teeth, bleeding gums, fingernails breaking easily, creaky knees, broken blood vessels, varicose veins, dry patches of skin, dehydrated skin, hot flashes, painful periods, dark circles around your eyes, lank greasy hair, tiredness, anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, tiredness at 3pm, cravings for bad food, and yes - even the pounds you were piling on start to fall off. Everything - read that again - Everything in your body, from head to toe, brain to heart, begins to heal. 

Your body is no longer fighting the effects of the poisonous alcohol, and instead it flips to doing what it should be doing - taking care of itself. And, boy, does it do a great job of this when it's allowed. You may have been drinking for decades, or just a few pints a week for a while, but either way, your body will thank you for the elongated relief it gets from your abstinence. And as it does, ask yourself this: 

"Why don't alcohol marketers have to mention all the bad effects of alcohol in their adverts?"


Next, your sleep improves, and you can take real pleasure in going to bed with a book you know you'll remember. As the drink-induced anxiety lowers, your relationships get better with your spouse, your kids, your work colleagues and friends. You start to see better results at job interviews and pay reviews, and you start spreading the joy around you as well. As you do, people begin to react differently around you. They appreciate being around the non-hungover you. The more positive outlook person you have become attracts more and more people. Soon people mention you have a glow about you. That you are shining brightly. Have you done your hair? Lost weight? Had your teeth whitened maybe? Probably all of the above, but no, that's not it. They look at you with puzzlement. What has changed about you?

Internally, mentally, that voice inside your head, the one that was so critical every morning you woke up hungover, is so much kinder now. As you look in the bathroom mirror you see bright eyes staring back at you, and - hey! You are looking pretty good! You could even say you look younger! Grinning to yourself you give yourself a mental pat on the back for doing such a great job with the booze. You still recall that critical voice in your head admonishing yourself for making such a twerp out of yourself at the party the last time you got hammered, or for blacking out and leaving yourself so vulnerable that night, and you are eternally grateful you do not have to think about these things anymore. In fact, you never have to think that way about yourself ever again, if you so wish... 

Bounding down the stairs you grab your phone and check your bank balance. It is deliciously, perfectly in the black, you pay your bills so much more easily now, and you rarely run into the overdraft. A pop up message appears on your phone... "Congratulations! You have spent 98% less on "Entertainment" this month!" it says. A slight inward cringe at that one, you've been out a couple of times and had an absolute whale of a time, but you didn't spend hundreds of pounds on buying round after round of sickly sugary shots that made your hand sticky, flat beer and watered down rum with flat cola in a glass smeared with someone else's lipstick. And no more sixty quid taxi fares trying to get home after midnight. You can drive everywhere now. Sheer, money-saving bliss. 

And the last thing. The weirdest thing of all. When you stop beating yourself up, and filling your body full of poison, all the silly worrisome stuff that held you back, is gone. 

Seriously, it's gone. All the niggly stressful worries you had. They just disappear! And when that happens, something else moves in. I have no idea what you call it, but somehow everything in your life just sort of gets brighter. Outdoors is brighter. You want to go out more and keep yourself fit more, so perhaps you take more walks. Instead of thinking "that's not for me", you take up the opportunities as they present themselves. You actively search for more stimulation. You start that business. You write that book. You visit that gym. You buy the dog you always wanted. Or the car. Or the tech. You paint the walls, you fit the new windows, you get the mortgage and buy the house. It is like the universe opens up to you. It's huge!

So, my friend, keep going, or take the alcohol break if you have not started yet. Stop giving those few drops of ethanol the power over you. And then, do two things for me....

1. Smile at people who look at you with sympathy when you tell them you are taking a break.

2. Come back to me after three months, and tell me I was right. 

Good luck!

Amanda x

I am still struggling to ignore the cravings

Alcohol is highly addictive, more addictive, in fact that most of the scary drugs like cocaine and heroine. There is no shame in needing a little extra help!

I can help you get to a place where alcohol is small and insignificant, using ALP, or Affective Liminal Psychology. If you want to take the easy route, give me a shout! Book a discovery call today. The investment in YOU is worth every single penny.

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