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Alcohol-Free Drinks Recipes

Giving alcohol a break can be enormous fun. No need for drinks boredom here! From mocktails to smoothies to delicious cocktails - Yes! Cocktails! The choice is huge and growing every day! I will be adding my favourites here regularly. If you have any amazing recipes to share, email them to Be sure to include your socials for credit! 

Free Resources

Download your free eBook - Seven Tips to Control Alcohol. Plus lots of other free resources to help you with your break from alcohol!

Are you a manufacturer of alcohol-free drinks?

Want to Feature Here?

Good stuff! Lovely to meet you. If you would like to see your brand here, simply contact me for address details, send with a recipe and/or serving suggestions, and I'll pop it up. And all you had to do was buy me a drink - Win-win! 

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