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Cocktail with Ice

Italian Spritzer

This recipe takes me right back to Venice, where I spent a lot of time for my job in my old life. This is perfect for balmy summer nights with a barbecue. Enjoy!


  • 60ml Lyre's Italian Spritzer

  • 60ml Lyres Classico Sparkling "Wine" or other non-alcoholic sparkling wine, or Nosecco.

  • 60ml Soda Water

  • Couple of slices of an orange, plus an olive or two on a cocktail stick

  • Lots of Ice

  • Embellish in a highball or cocktail glass, add a cherry if you like, and enjoy!


  1. Add lots of ice to your glass

  2. Add Lyres Italian Spritz 

  3. Add Nosecco, Non alcohol sparkling wine, or Lyres Classico

  4. Add Soda Water

  5. Garnish creatively, and Enjoy! Best served with a metal straw.

NB Mention Referral Code Amanda-R2 for £5 off your Italian Spritz when you purchase directly from Lyres. 

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