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Book launch announcement!

OUT 30th June 2024! My latest book: Spirits & Sorrow: Stop dulling your emotions with alcohol, be unafraid of grief, and survive the loss of a loved one. Available to preorder in 48 hours.

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Some of the fabulous reviews

"AMAZING!" Annie Grace, Author of This Naked Mind
“I cried and smiled and LOVE EVERY bit of it!” Martha Redpath MSN
"This book is so important and so well done!" Jeannette Levitt
"A new quit-lit classic!" Jessie Calkins

Spirits & Sorrow: Examining the connection between grief & alcohol, and helping you to break free.

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About the book

Have you have experienced the loss of a loved one? If so, then the above quote by Annie Grace may resonate strongly with you. It does for me. It is the quote I come back to time and time again in my role as an Alcohol Freedom Coach. 


At my lowest point I was deliberately erasing my senses and my ability to think. I did not want to think about anything that was going on around me. I drank every single night to numb my feelings. It felt as though I had discovered the perfect tool in which to hide. 


For me, the last part of the quote never came to pass. “Alcohol ultimately erases your self.” It did not erase me. And do you want to know why?


Because I did not allow it to. I fought back, with the tools I am about to show you. Another part of the reason is because I read the book, This Naked Mind, from which the quote above came from. Spooky, eh? I am continually astounded by the life I discovered after I had stopped drowning my sorrows in alcohol. I found me again. I honestly thought she was lost forever. 


The one thing I know from personal experience, is that the only way, is through. The more we can experience grief, express it, feel it, allow it to run through us in its fullest, the more that it changes inside of us. There is a saying:


“Every feeling, fully felt, changes.”


This does not mean everything can change back to being the same. However when you allow these feelings to run the course freely, it does mean you can experience change that, while altering you profoundly, leaves you in a transformative place. Your experiences can help you to be of service to the world in some way that will transform not only your own life, but that of others going through the same thing as you. 


With alcohol gone from my mind and my life, I decided wanted to give something back. So I trained as a Certified Coach with the This Naked Mind Institute, which was born from the success of Annie’s book. I had to show the whole world how incredible life can be without alcohol. Even after huge, life-shattering loss. Even after losing a child, parent, sibling, or best friend. 


This book is for anyone who has experienced grief, and decided alcohol is a great way to lose yourself. To drown out the pain. You may have only just started drinking, or maybe you have been stuck in a repetitive cycle for a while. Perhaps you have realised you are finding it harder than you expected to control your drinking. 


I understand what you are going through. I am here now to show you hope though my stories, my experiences, and the tools and tactics I learned at the Institute. I am here to guide you out of the hole you might find yourself. Or at least join you, sit beside you for a while, and show you some alternative options. 


Drinking alcohol is the wrong tool when you are grieving, because it allows none of this to happen. Societal beliefs do not help either, because we are trained not to cry at funerals, or to always hide our grief. It is so important to give yourself permission to grieve fully, and not to feel any shame about it. 


I want to show you there is an easier way to go through your grief. It may even shorten your journey, and even improve it for you and everyone around you, as it did for me. Grief is necessary because you loved the person you lost so deeply. Lengthening it is unnecessary. It only hurts for longer, and your loved one would hate to think you were causing yourself harm or further pain in their name. 


It is my hope that this book helps you, even if it’s just a little. Because if it does, then I have achieved my goal. This was my deepest desire from the minute I discovered how amazing our lives can be, with alcohol in check, even after losing those we love the most.

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Available from 30th June on Amazon Kindle, Paperback & other devices 

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