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Control alcohol effortlessly, this time it works.

TNMI Certified Coach & ALP Practitioner, specialising in Alcohol Freedom & Habit Change. 

Amanda Foster - This Naked Mind Certified Coach


"Strongly recommended." - 5 ⭐️ - Paul, Amazon UK

"Amazing!" Annie Grace, Best Selling Author of This Naked Mind

"A new quit-lit classic!" Jessie M

“I cried and smiled and LOVE EVERY bit of it!” Martha R MSN

"This book is so important and so well done!" Jeannette L

"Love a quit lit book! I think this will do well." 5 ⭐️  - Pegasus, Amazon


Meet Amanda

This Naked Mind Certified Coach & Author

What if it was possible to flip a switch in your brain and no longer desire alcohol? A place where sleep was sound, and you could wake up refreshed. A place where your life improved so much, things started happening for you, such as promotions, and exciting opportunities. What if your skin, teeth and hair improved, and you started loving the person on the mirror? What if alcohol really is holding you back, just as you suspect? What if it could be so much easier than the white-knuckle ride of being forced to quit, and even enjoyable?


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Amanda Foster | Zero Fierce | TNMI Certified Coach

Remove your desire to drink.

Reset Your Belief System. Discover Thoughts That Held You Back

Socialise Without Regret, Save Money, Sleep Better

Zero Willpower Required & No AA Meetings & Self-Punishment

Visible Improvement in Mental & Physical Health

90% of Clients Reduced Alcohol or Gave Up Altogether

Forest Path

Invest in yourself

If you keep doing the same thing over and over again, nothing changes. Where do you want to be in five years? Ten years? Twenty?

Make the change today.

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You can even keep drinking in the first part of the program.

“I cannot believe the change in me since giving up alcohol. The anxiety I felt constantly, has gone. I love my new life.
I drink as much as I like. I just don't want to drink any more.”

- T Hampton

“Amanda has such an engaging personality that it's a pleasure to talk to her. She gave me the space to explore my issues and asks just the right questions to make me think differently and move me on. She has reallly helped me to deal with issues that have been troubling me for years.”

- Paul

“I never imagined I could drink at a picnic on a holiday... and not have to pick up the next day... or the next week... I control the beast. He no longer controls me!
We are friends!

- H.H

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