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Could heavy drinking be in our genes?

Updated: Jan 13

DNA with roses. Could heavy drinking be in your DNA?

An interesting article hit the Daily Mail (UK) yesterday, suggesting there is evidence that some heavier drinkers share the same genes.

For years we have heard people claim they have an "addictive personality", or worry that they have inherited heavy drinking from their parent or other family member. But scientists have so far struggled to find hard proof that any of this is linked. The article - which can be found here - is one of many which claims to have found the answer, but the data is actually too low level to make it gospel. However it is good that these studies exist, as anything that can help a heavy drinker understand that it is not their fault, is a good thing indeed.

The fact remains though, that alcohol is addictive. Period. And it is addictive to every human being on this planet. Not just you or I, but your friends, your family, even those who look you directly in the eye and claim not to have an issue with alcohol when you tell them you are no longer drinking. Yes, even those who stare at you with sympathetic eyes and ask if you had "a problem" with alcohol.

Struggling to control alcohol intake is never, ever your fault, and it's about time society realises this. It is the only addictive substance where, if you decide to cut back or give it up, you have to explain yourself! It is one of our oldest addictive substances, and it is so deeply entrenched in societal acceptance non-drinkers can sometimes feel as if they are swimming against the tide. And this, at it's very foundation, is a big issue.

The journalist in the article is now six years free from alcohol, and she watches her kids closely for signs of alcohol dependance. She now says she is addicted to not drinking, and this is great news. I can also testify that, once you are free, an amazing, incredible life will open up before you. And more and more people are starting to realise that the big alcohol companies have been lying to them all this time. That there is no glamour in drinking. No gain. This is also great news. The tide is finally turning. And articles like the one above help turn that tide.

So, whether it is in your genes, inherited, or simply a great source of dopamine your brain continues to crave whenever yoou feel stress or discomfort, stop blaming yourself. Stop the voice in your head every morning which makes cruel remarks. And really consider... What is alcohol really doing for you?

Have a great week,

Amanda x

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Scientists. Could heavy drinking be in your genes?

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