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Exploring the Myth of Hitting Rock Bottom.

Hitting rock bottom: The Myths

When I first started telling people I no longer drink alcohol, I occasionally got a strange look. When queried, they would ask me why. And had I hit "rock bottom".

The answer is a resounding no. I was simply sick and tired of always being sick and tired, worrying about my liver, worrying about being over the limit when driving to work the following morning, or worrying about cancer, and tired of lying about the amount I was drinking to everyone.

When I tell people I am an Alcohol and Addiction Freedom Lifestyle Coach, they ask if any of my clients have hit "rock bottom".

Again, mostly, no. Mostly people simply want to get it back under control.

You might imagine a person who employs an alcohol coach to be drunk all the time, or constantly falling over in the streets, or who has been just arrested for hitting someone with their car. But most people who work with me are just like you. They drink, probably over the "government recommended amount", they are usually high functioning, educated, good people, great parents, great colleagues and fantastic friends. They simply drink a little more than they would like to and want to get their drinking back in check.

Do you have to give up drinking completely to hire an alcohol freedom coach?

Good question! Nope.... in fact, for the first part of the plan you can even keep drinking. Wowsers!

And many people choose to go back to mindful drinking, or moderation afterwards.

Moderation did not work for me, but it does for many other people. Personally, I found it a lot easier to simply give it up altogether. The peace and quiet in my head was incredible, and the money saved more so! Plus, there are all the health benefits to boot. But it's a choice all my clients make after they have finished their sessions with me.

So why do people wait until they hit rock bottom before they seek help?

Put simply, they do not know there is another choice. The alcohol freedom movement is fairly new - as little as five years ago there was barely any help anywhere, unless of course you wanted to go to AA meetings or rehab, both of which require a white-knuckle, behaviour-led approach. I was terrified of going to AA! I thought I would be miserable forever.

No, the best thing to do is to seek help just when it starts to get a little difficult to say no to yourself.

But if you hit someone with your car, get hurt while drunk, lose a relationship you once valued, get a scary diagnosis from your doctor, or your drinking causes any other sort of loss, often these life events can never be reversed. There is so much help now, it's much better to nip it in the bud while you still can.

When should I seek help?

If any of the following apply to you:

  • Telling yourself you will not drink anymore when you wake up in the morning, but find yourself pouring another drink by the evening.

  • Beating yourself up internally for drinking too much.

  • Waking up at 3am wondering what you might have done wrong the previous night.

  • Dreading the social feeds the day after a night out, fearing the shameful pictures.

  • Blacking out (this is where you cannot remember what you did the previous night).

  • Your excessive drinking is causing rows with loved ones or issues at work.

  • Your hair, skin, eyes or teeth are beginning to show the signs of drinking, or you are starting to gain weight despite a relatively healthy diet otherwise.

  • You think you might be over the limit still the morning after.

  • Waking up with mystery bruises.

  • Having difficulty concentrating at work the day after a heavy session.

  • Simply feeling like you are drinking too much, and no longer feel entirely in control. For example, you promise yourself you will only have two drinks, and end up having six.

These are all signs it might be a good time to seek help. There is no need to be "an alcoholic" to seek help, and there is certainly no need to hit the proverbial "rock bottom".

Get it back under control. Learn how to keep it there. Job done.

Next steps

Want help from someone who is on your side? Book a completely confidential 45 minute FREE Coaching session with me, to find out how we can work together to get it nipped in the bud. You will learn all the tactics and tools you need to change your mindset about alcohol, get it back under control, or even give it up completely. You are worth it.

Have a great week,


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