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Updated: Jan 13

During my training with This Naked Mind Institute today we were asked to watch this Nuggets video. It is several years old now, but just as effective as it ever has been. I had seen it before on one of the alcohol free groups I follow, but today it was even more poignant than ever.

After watching it, it made me feel quite empty inside. I wonder if the message would have affected me in the same manner if I was still drinking. Would I have seen the sadness?

I watched it again, and, like watching a movie a couple of times, saw more layers to the Kiwi's journey this time. Again, it left me feeling unsettled. It is such an effective image of any type of addiction I think it will remain in my head for years to come. I am so glad I am free.

How do you feel when you see this?

Amanda x

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