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Sober October fun!

Updated: Jan 13

Autumn picture

I love the Autumn, with its crunchy leaves and warm golden colours, cooler weather and crisp sunny mornings. Absolute heaven.

With the start of October comes a bit of fun here in the UK, with Sober October challenges popping up everywhere. You can do it for charity, or just for yourself, and it's a great way of taking a break from alcohol ahead of the party season.

Want to give yourself a fun challenge for October? Then sign up for the FREE 30 day Alcohol Free Challenge on the Official This Naked Mind app, and you will get daily videos and little challenges and hints and tips to make it all enjoyable, and something to feel proud of. You will be joining legions of people from all over the world, who will support you on your quest for a healthier, happier October!

Good luck!

Amanda x

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