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The little wins when you are alcohol free.

Updated: Jan 13

A visit to the dentist

I had a little 'alcohol-free win' today.

I get loads of little wins every single day and night I am alcohol free, but today was an extra special one.

I had a dental check up and needed no treatment. Then, immediately after, I had a hygienist appointment, and she said my oral care had improved so much, I could lengthen the time between visits. All the gum issues I had previously, had gone.

This was amazing to hear. But it wasn't due to extra careful flossing or an extra minutes brushing every morning. No, I was always doing that, and it felt like I was fighting the un-winnable battle every time I was told I needed yet more treatment or my gums became pink and swollen. In fact, I probably brushed and flossed twice as diligently as most people.

No, it was because I had stopped drinking alcohol. Period. When we drink we deplete our bodies of so many nutrients, keeping your mouth (and other parts of my body) become difficult. To make matters worse, the dentist was either completely unaware of my insane drinking amounts, or too afraid to mention something, because I had lied on the medical form when I joined the practice. Don't we all?

I paid my MUCH cheaper bill, and I strode out of the practice like I was ten feet tall, I was so happy! Massive grin on my face, I climbed into my car, and sailed back home to loud music, me singing at the top of my voice. No numb face, no three hundred pound bill, no issues. Happy, happy, happy.

This is just one of the many wins I experience being alcohol free. One of many that I am happy to share with you. Waiting on the other side of that drinking fence is a world just waiting to be claimed. I hope to see you there.

Amanda x

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