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Welcome to delicious weekends without alcohol!

Updated: Jan 13

Meditation in there forest - welcome to delicious weekends

How is your weekend going so far?

I was just sitting around, listening to a gorgeous new track on the radio, and remembering how weekends of old were spent.

I would usually wake up in the early hours of the afternoon, in order to sleep off any hangover or alcohol fug from the night before. Weekends used to mean I could drink more, maybe even a couple of bottles of wine, because I did not have to drive the following morning. I used to think that was a luxury. I realise that is completely wrong now, of course.

I would often spend the rest of the day in a mood, crippled with anxiety, and dreading having to go back to work on the Monday. I liked my job, but everything felt like an effort back then. Even a job I liked. Even housework.

I would stare at the washing pile, knowing I needed to do it, and instead ignoring it, knowing nobody else would do it either. The hoovering could wait too, I just could not be bothered. I would sit numbly in front of the latest Netflix boxset, or in front of a game I did not really want to play.

Food would be something to soak up the alcohol, coupled with a few paracetamol to stem the headache. Maybe something greasy like sausage, egg and bacon, not grilled. Or perhaps I would order a takeaway. Whatever took the least effort.

Fast forward to 2023, and the change is immense.

I wake up earlyish - around 8am because, let's face it, I have no work today! After a shower I make something nice for breakfast, something full of protein and berries and lots of good, natural nuttiness, or perhaps something with eggs. I unload the dishwasher from the night before in order to clear my space, and push the hoover around because the lounge feels nice freshly hoovered.

After a spritely walk with the dog, I read the papers and listen to my favourite music stations, and bask in the delicious relaxation it delivers. Heavenly! Then I load up my laptop and check my study course - my third this year - as I move to improve myself and push myself out of the comfort zone in order to grow.

Today, I learn that courage feels uncomfortable, not amazing, as I would have thought. But with courage comes confidence in what I am doing, and this fills me with hope and excitement about the new business I am going to start this year as a side hustle.

I check my messages, and see there are a few from friends from all over the globe, and some make me chuckle to myself as I respond. I love funny people, I surround myself in these types of friends now I no longer drink, and hell, I even remember meeting them nowadays! Some exciting glimmers of news from a friend about an opportunity I have opened myself up to recently makes me smile. Since I have started working on my mindset so many new opportunities have arrived in my life and I have so much more hope than before.

I switch to another free course I am doing on meditation. It was suggested as part of my self-awareness growth, and I have never really understood it before. A quick hunt online found me a lovely free course to teach me. I have to say my stress levels at work have improved hugely as a result of it. I learn that in order to meditate my mind does NOT have to be empty of thoughts - a reason I probably gave up last time I tried. I do my weekly lesson, and then close my laptop, feeling relaxed and happy.

Funtime next and I'll do a puzzle or play a shooting game on the VR headset, and then I tidy up the office so it feels nice for Monday's return to work. Whilst I tidy I play some gorgeous dance tracks which energise me and drive me on in my quest to prepare for the week. Clothes come out from the machine and are hung on the line, and then I sit in the garden with a coffee and a book for a few hours and lounge the rest of the morning away. Simple, perfect pleasures.

And here is where you meet me. As I sit I muse how long the weekends stretch for now I do not drink. The paracetamol sits in the cupboard untouched, and I cannot remember the last time I had a headache. My heart is free from anxiety and my head is free from stressful thoughts and worries.

I feel better. I feel completely and utterly free. If you are here with me, welcome to delicious weekends! And if you have not yet found this, then I hope you find it soon.

Have a good weekend, whatever you are doing,


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Mediation in the forest

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