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How to get alcohol back under control

Updated: Jan 13

It all started well enough, but eventually you were drinking alcohol every night.

Stressful day at work? A drink will solve it.

Long day with the kids? A glass of wine after their bedtime is just the medicine.

Just received bad news? Nothing a couple of shots of a good whisky won't fix.

Lost out on that promotion? You have a bottle of decent gin and that fever tree in the cupboard with your name on it.

Recognise any of these? If you do, you are in good company. According to, over 600,000 people in England and Scotland are dependant drinkers, and the older you are, the more likely this is. Only 20% of them are getting treatment. And over 27% of adults regularly binge drink (over 6 or 8 units of alcohol), or at least those that admit to it anyway... Also, deaths directly attributed to alcohol in the UK are up by 16%. Sobering thought, eh? A more positive fact is that 20% of people in the UK do not drink alcohol at all, and it's a growing number.

The issue with alcohol is that it is addictive. When I found this out, I was shocked. Honestly! Alcohol is so socially accepted, why on earth would we be constantly encouraged to drink an addictive substance by the big marketing companies and celebrities? Oh, and by the way - alcohol is addictive to every human being on this planet. Not just to the so-called "alcoholics". Yup - that includes you.  I figured I just had a bit of a drinking habit. But it was so much more than this, I discovered.

If you are beginning to worry that your drinking is just a little too much, or that you might be damaging your health, a period of abstinence can really help, whether it is 30 days, 90 or even a full year if you fancy a challenge. It can reset the clock, get it back under control, and - most importantly perhaps - allow you to really examine your drinking, how it is affecting you, and how your health improves without it. And the best time to start your break is right now. Not January 1st, when you and a million others are making resolutions.

In light of this, I have published an ebook of the top tactics to get you started on your new-found health boost - Seven Simple Tactics to Control Alcohol, and it is available free and almost instantly if you sign up below. In it you will find the top tactics that helped me and tens of thousands of others get alcohol back under control, moderate, or even give it up altogether, without joining self-help groups or starting punishing challenges. All of these are tried-and-tested tactics using the best-selling This Naked Mind methodology. I would love to get your feedback on how you find it, and whether it all helped you as much as it helped me.

Sign up for your copy here or click on the ebook image below.

I really hope this helps - Enjoy!

Amanda x

eBook - Seven simple tactics to help you control alcohol by Amanda Foster

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