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Training time! Affective Liminal Psychology - Tampa, Florida

Annie Grace & Amanda Foster, Tampa, March 2024
Annie Grace & Amanda in Tampa, at the ALP Training in March

For This Naked Mind coaches, the learning never stops. We are an open book, always looking for the latest scientific studies and new books and papers on the effect alcohol has on our lives, our bodies and our surroundings. Annie Grace, Founder of This Naked Mind Institute and author of This Naked Mind, and many other books, is no different. In fact, she is probably the most open book I have ever met.

Myself and my fellow coaches travelled all the way to Tampa, Florida last week, and spent every single day learning about Affective Liminal Psychology, or Affective Liminal Programming, as it is also known. It was incredibly intensive training, but by the end of it we had all thoroughly absorbed, and tested out, this fantastic methodology in reversing the need for alcohol, or any other addictive substance, for that matter. Our minds were collectively blown! It was probably one of the best weeks of my life, and definitely the most intensive training I have ever had.

ALP is the science behind what makes the This Naked Mind methodology's effectiveness just like magic, according to many of those who have successfully given up alcohol. In fact, it is akin to brain surgery. Can you imagine simply never wanting to drink again? All that internal battling, all that cognitive dissonance, gone, forever.

To celebrate all this new learning, I have frozen my 2023 prices until the end of March. Book a Discovery Call this week to take advantage of it - the offer ends on the 31st March 2024.

I will go into more detail soon, but for now, please enjoy a few photos from this amazing trip below.

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